I’m a senior software engineer at Flexport, a freight forwarding and supply chain management technology company. I work on the Marketplace team building our platform for cataloging and pricing pricing the freight services we offer. We work with Ruby on Rails and Java in the Spring framework on the backend, with React on the front end and GraphQL in the middle.

I also help maintain company-wide code quality using the Rubocop linter and migrated us onto the Sorbet type system. I make some open-source contributions to some of these tools. Working with Ruby for almost two years has made me a passionate advocate for strong types.

Previous to Flexport I worked for six years at Dimagi, a company that develops technology for international development. There I worked primarily as a mobile engineer on Android for the first few years before switching to a full-stack development role with Python and Java.

Before Dimagi I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Computer Science and concentration on Artificial Intelligence. While at Cornell I did research projects on dialogic syntax processing and visualization of 3D printing models.

For personal projects I study and practice natural language processing and machine learning. I also try to keep my math from getting too rusty. Recently I’ve been focusing on natural language processing and knowledge bases with the spaCy framework.

In my personal time I hike, sail, and ski – depending on the terrain and season. I love reading, travel, and friendships. My goals for this year are to write and public-speak more often.